Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Well alright!!

Heavy guitars are down , one beefy and one gritty as hell! We got Francis the wizard on production, guitar, bass and photog duties. Tracked through this old ass dirty rig shown in the pic. Shux! it looks like leftover parts from a Motorhead tour. Anyway, we got a sexy nun pic too, unfortunately she was a no show at the studio session as usual. So up next, clean guitars, jangly, maybe chorus effects on em , or good old fashion grandpa guitars [acoustic]. Untill.....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

12 basic tracks done in Golden Hill

New tracks are coming together. Basic drums are laid down, and being edited for perfection. All done to a click track by Sergio Gama. New acoustic interludes are somewhat complete, although we made extra effort to add more heavy than atmospheric this time. And a cover? maybe.Tracking on Pro-Tools with kewl outboard gear and mics, some nifty vintage style plug-ins. Should be heavy. Im tryin' to document this whole process, shitty blurry walmart camera can be annoying.Maybe someday i'll get me a smart phone, but who knows. Next week are brutal guitars, snap sum shots of that.